7 Ways To Nail The Maximalist Interior Trend in 2019

2019 is set to be the year for bold interior designs.

This year is set to be one of the boldest ones yet when it comes to the world of interior design; a point that’s already proven true with this incredible trend: Maximalism. As the polar opposite of minimalism, this trend focuses on bringing together a multitude of fabrics, patterns, textures, colours, and periods, harmoniously.

Whether you have a series of colours that you’ve never had the confidence to combine, or whether you’ve always dreamed of mixing bold patterns and fabrics and couldn’t find a good enough excuse – now’s the time to give it a try! However, this trend isn’t just about throwing everything together and hoping for the best, it’s more about ensuring one thing complements another.

Maximalism can be a little overwhelming for anyone that’s not tried it before, but don’t be alarmed: We’ve put together 7 top tips for nailing maximalism on your first try.

Photo credit: Tektura – Great wallpapers in bold dark colours to start your maximalist interior.

1. Opt for a good base

Beginning with a strong base is the first step in creating a stunning maximalist look: It sets the tone for the rest of the room. Start off by selecting a colour that stands out to you, a certain wood stain or flooring you love, or an eccentric wallpaper design – and build on it.

2. Pick out some key furnishings

When you decided on a base, it’s time to do some furniture shopping! Don’t be afraid of choosing a combination of furniture pieces from different collections, or opting for a fabric chair and a leather chair – just choose the items that stand out to you.

Photo credit: Tektura – Hard wearing durable wallpapers that add lustre to any interior.

3. Connect the dots

Maximalism isn’t the process of using mismatched items and hoping for the best: it takes thought and careful planning to create an aesthetic masterpiece. Instead, use a selection of colours, materials, patterns, and textures that complement one another. If your chosen wallpaper consists of 6 colours, choose to furnish to highlight them.

4. Try incorporating a combination of materials

When it comes to home decor, many stay away from combining different materials in fear of them not complimenting each other. With maximalism, you have the freedom to use as many materials as possible. Doing this often adds more depth to a room’s aesthetic in a simple, yet effective, way.

5. Be chaotic, yet controlled

Organised chaos is key when incorporating maximalism with your home. Rather than placing objects and accessories around the room without much thought, consider how you can display everything you love in a way that’s neat and practical. Try to find a place for your favourite pieces, and create several focal points throughout the room.

6. Create a warm and cosy environment

Minimalism focuses on creating a clean and crisp environment with few possessions. Maximalism, on the other hand, is all about creating a cosy and warm environment. The idea is to be surrounded by your favourite possessions, whilst having a room that flows in a way suited to your lifestyle.

7. Add any finishing touches

Finally, make sure you add any finishing touches to complete your decor. For example, try putting up a few extra pictures, add in any sentimental ornaments you may have forgotten to put on display and make any tweaks necessary.

Photo credit: Tektura – Large scale print wallpapers in endless designs.

If you’re planning to give maximalism a try this year, go for it! Also, feel free to let us know what your thoughts are on this incredible trend, and whether these top tips were helpful!

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Feature image: Photo credit: Tektura – Be brave with your choices. Start with a wallpaper like this and mix and match items that will work next to it.

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