8 most popular interior design styles for 2018 explained

We break down the most popular current interior design trends.

Bamboozled by interior design, whats on trend or what look you should go for in your next project? We have put together a concise list the most popular styles to give you a guide.


Simple forms, clean lines and a limited palette of colours and materials give this style its unmistakable look. Storage is key to maintaining the uncluttered feel and being a truly embracing minimalism.

minimal interior design


A mixture of styles, colours, patterns and materials carefully put together to give an unusual look. Using modern furniture in a traditional building can also give this feel or vice versa.

eclectic interior design


Concrete accents, vintage lighting, distressed paintwork, exposed brickwork and metalwork all give the industrial feel. The key to this look is to add in colour and texture where possible with rugs, wallpaper or artwork to give warmth and character.

industrial interior design


Sometimes the style and use of a building really lends itself to traditional furniture and fittings also. Antique furniture is a luxury way to do this style however modernised versions of traditional furniture can give a contemporary edge to this look.

traditional interior design


High-end materials such a marble, metallic finishes, velvet and leather fabric finishes used with a limited colour palette give the effect of high stature. The scheme could be favour light or dark neutrals or even black. Colour is used very carefully if at all.

luxurious interior design


This style ultimately originating from Sweden, Norway and Denmark, includes a simple usually very pale colour palette, natural materials such a light wood, graphic prints on rugs and artwork and plain fabrics sofas. A sheepskin might be thrown over chairs and an open fire lit for a bit of Hugge. Carefully designed furniture pieces are the real key to cracking this look.

scandinavian interior design


The use of plants to provide the decor to an interior as well as large-scale leaf prints on wallpaper and fabrics is string theme right now. Hanging plant pots with a modern twist give a nod to the seventies, but the great thing is they work anywhere. Succulents are the answer to any of us without green fingers.

botanical interior design


This reflects the constantly changing style of the current time. It has a modern feel because of this and right now could include materials such as light wood, concrete, marble, velvet, light airy walls and simple fixtures and fittings with large artwork pieces.

contemporary interior design

These are just a few of the basics designers will refer to most often. You can mix any of your favourite looks together to create an interior that really reflects your personality or you may find yourself drawn to one especially.

Knowing where your start with your design project is the hardest part. A good tip is to find one object whether its a painting, a piece of furniture (perhaps a statement chair), a photo you have taken of something that inspired you or a swatch of fabric that forms the basis of your style. All other items can then be selected to work with this to form the full interior scheme.

Pinterest continues to be a great source of inspiration to gather lots of images of fantastic interiors in a style that you like. You can take one or two elements from each image to use in your project and have fun making something new and original.

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