Cantina Kitchen & Bar: The Client Story

In our latest client-led story article we hear from Sarah Martin, Co-Director at Cantina.

This client-led story focusing on our work at Cantina Kitchen & Bar in Goodrington is part of a new feature on our blog.

Our aim is to share our clients’ perspectives as a project progresses from concept to completion.

Cantina is a family-run business and boasts a fantastic location next to one of the most beautiful beaches in Tor Bay. The project will see us re-design their restaurant.

We caught up with Sarah Martin, Cantina Co-Director, to get to know her motivations for the planned work.

“We have had Cantina for 18 months and it became apparent during the first 6 months that the space did not always work as effectively as it could. We had some ideas for improving customer flow and coping on busier days, but we couldn’t quite make it work which I why we called Mark in.”

“We are treading a difficult line between efficiency and retaining our quirky style which is why the details are so important to us. The most challenging part of the job to date has been dealing with the Council and planning processes. Everything seems to take longer than we had hoped which I find quite frustrating.”

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