Decorative Accessories, what should I buy?

The Importance of Accessories

Decorative accessories such as artwork, ornamental objects and soft furnishings play a very important role in interior design. They complete a space, make it feel lived in and add interest and personality. 

These fine details help create the desired ambience by adding colour, texture and shapes that complete the decor if selected and placed with a designers eye. A space can easily look cluttered and unbalanced if the process is not well thought out in advance. The end goal is to create a fully complete interior that will wow your customers with the unveiling when you re-open. 

To ensure a perfectly styled finish to any commercial interior design project it is essential to allow for these finishing touches within the initial budget and that there is time to dress the space at the completion stage.

Here are some guidelines to help you think about your finishing touches:

  • Accessories should add to the visual interest, texture, colour and function of the establishment. Decide on a style and theme and stick with that when specifying items.
  • The proposed layout should be checked before purchasing any large accessories to ensure they will fit. You may need the help of an interior designer to plan how to make best use of the space based on the establishment’s clientele. 
  • Considering the new layout and identified target customer you can begin selecting accessories that will compliment the space.
  • Before you start it is worth collating all your existing accessories to identify if there are any items which may be suitable to re use. Items that are broken or damaged should not be reused, only keep perfect items that are also the right style for the new interior. 
  • Depending on your priorities accessories can be found to fit most budgets. It is not recommended to spend as little as possible on accessories as this will impact the quality and aesthetics of the overall design. Good interior designers know when and how to cut costs without sacrificing the overall look and feel.

Ultimately decorative accessories should not be overlooked and should be thought about early on in the design process. This will ensure you have sufficient research time  and that accessories are delivered and installed for your opening date. If your creativity comes to a head there are always useful galleries on suppliers websites to inspire you and if that doesn’t work you can always contact an interior designer for advice.

Here are some useful tips to help you accessorise your space:

Tip 1: Carefully consider each item, where it will be placed and the size of the item. Think about the use of the space and what the space requires. For example, table lamps where additional light may be required.

Tip 2: Take your time. Researching the right accessories can’t be rushed and even an ongoing process to keep the space fresh and visually interesting.

Tip 3: Don’t be afraid to replace the old with the new and embrace the change. For commercial spaces remember to take into consideration the customers expectations.

Tip 4: Expensive original artwork can be substituted for framed prints which are much more affordable.

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