Design tips to make your home office motivating and inspiring

How to work from home in comfort 

As most of us have made the move to work from home full time we are all trying to find some sort of routine navigating the madness of family life around getting our work done. The lines have become completely blurred and working from home is a big transition we need to adjust to.

We thought it is only right that we should share our expertise with some tips on how to make your home office space comfortable and the best possible working environment it can be. 

Think Lighting 

Natural light is the best way to illuminate your space but also consider a desk lamp that will direct light onto the desk and not add glare to your screen. A lamp is a good addition where natural light is lacking or for darker days.

A window view is idea, it will help you feel more connected to nature or the outside world and provides you with natural light.

Location, Location, Location

Where you put your desk is key. Try to avoid using your dining table and think about getting a separate desk somewhere so that you can keep work and home life functions separate. 

If you have small children at home then you may want to be in the main living space but think about positioning the desk away from the main traffic areas such a corner of one of your main rooms, ideally away from distractions such as the TV or loud appliances like the washing machine. If your children are older then consider putting a desk in the corner of a room, by the window or even in your bedroom to be away from the hustle and bustle of the home.  Another great place is tucked away in a hallway nook which could even be shut away at the end of the day.

But which desk?

Your desk doesn’t need to be big and the most effective desk is one that provides enough space for a monitor, keyboard, mouse, a notepad, and of course your coffee cup. A smaller desk will be less intrusive and will fit neatly into a small space in the home.

Wall mounted desks will be less dominant in a room and a fold away option is ideal for smaller spaces.  You could also consider a desk that has either an high level area or an adjustable height function to allow you to stand while working.  Remember to take regular breaks to stretch your legs and take a walk to keep you body active, get the blood flowing and help boost your energy levels. 

Go minimal 

By having a smaller desk you can minimise clutter,  and you can create some clever storage to hide a printer, paper, stationary and any other essentials. Making a conscious decision to be a paperless office not only saves money and trees, but also means you have a much tidier desk space. 

Comfort first

Seating is so important to make sure you are sitting with enough lower back support and at the correct height with your feet flat on the floor. Consider using cushions to adapt a household chair or look at investing in an office chair that will provide all the adjustability you need.

Live in colour

Think about adding pops of colour with a bold or dark wall in your desk area, add some co-ordinated framed prints or a retro display board.  This will make it feel more like a dedicated office space, more professional and engaging.

Stay green

A pot plant will brighten up your desk area and help the air quality. Aloe vera is great for decorative purposes and grows successfully indoors or cacti and succulents are really easy to care for.  If you are short on desk space consider a smaller plant on a shelf (trailing ones work brilliantly on shelves) or wall mounted or hanging pots are really on trend. 

More ideas?

We have made a Pinterest board with ideas to get you inspired to make your home office a wonderful place to work. To view click here.  

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