Hello Andy!

Get to know our new Associate Designer, Andy Beer with this quick fire interview.

We are delighted to announce that Andy Beer has joined the Fruition team as an Associate Designer.

Andy graduated from Plymouth University with a degree in MediaLab Arts and has since worked as a freelancer and held senior positions in a number of Devon design agencies. His skill set has seen him employed in both designer and developer roles where he has completed work for local, national and international clients.

Here, he is interviewed by Lisa Chandler, our Marketing Co-ordinator…

So Andy, welcome and why Fruition?
I was drawn to Fruition’s ability to work seamlessly across interior, print and digital platforms. I’m excited by the possibilities of multi-discipline design and will strive to create outstanding experiences for the customers of our clients.

Best website you have EVER seen?
An almost impossible question for a designer to answer! We would need to define what ‘best’ actually means, is it ‘best’ for design, ‘best’ for content, ‘best’ for imagery or ‘best’ for providing the information I need when lost on a weekend away? Ask me again in a year.

What do you like to do in your personal time?
Living in Devon means I like spending my time outdoors, so cycling, running, playing football and generally being out and about with my family and friends making the most of the great food, drink and scenery the area has to offer.

Where would be your favourite holiday destination be so far?
Thailand – Bangkok is a brilliant night out and interesting city to explore and the beaches of Krabi were stunning. Seeing the wildlife in South Africa is amazing and having a cold beer on the beaches around Cape Town when the sunsets is spectacular.

Tell us about your vision for the future at Fruition.
I had gone as far as I could with my previous employer, and I did think about starting up my own business, but I like being a part of a team. After meeting Mark Green (Director of Fruition) at a business forum, I felt that Fruition was a company with big ideas. They are already well established in the South West for their interior design capabilities, so my job is to continue to grow the digital and graphic side of the business. My experience is in web design and front end development, which together with Chris Coombes, who has a degree in Graphic Communication with Typography, we work really well as a team with complementary skills. This ultimately means the business can offer clients complete co-ordinated design solutions.

In what way do you feel the web industry has changed in the last 10 years?
The fast paced change in technology both through internet browsers and the devices that we use, changes constantly, and it would be impossible to list the progression that’s been made over the last 10 years. Mobile devices are a prime example, the first iPhone was introduced in 2007! It doesn’t matter what fancy new tech-gadget someone is using to browse the internet on, you will always need to design an engaging, fast and informative interface that allows them to find the content they want quickly and easily.

How are you most looking forward to helping Fruition clients?
Like all designers I get satisfaction from working with happy clients; there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a clients business succeed and grow through working together.

If you had to recommend one thing to change on their website to a client what would it be?
I would always to suggest looking at a website from the point of view of the end user; is the content (images and text) up to date, well written and concise? 

And lastly, what is the best Christmas present you received as a child?
Not sure about best (probably my ZX Spectrum), but one Christmas Eve, my parents built a climbing frame my brother and I wanted inside the living room. Mum and Dad were up until 2am but it totally made my brother and I believe in father Christmas and magic!

Andy is already expanding our portfolio and we will have more detail soon in our next newsletter.

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