How and why to make your office the best place to work

We explore how the office landscape is changing day by day to be in line with the way we are working.

The office landscape is changing day by day to be in line with the way we are working. We have flexible working hours, we are working from home more and more and people are freelancing and using work hubs.

These days it is a choice to go into the office and companies that are getting it right are making their office space comfortable, flexible, fun and blurring the lines between work and home.

Hierarchy in the office layout is becoming almost non-existent. In the most forward-thinking business all levels of staff sitting together which enables the office layout to be totally reworked and allows the adaptability of spaces with movable walls and furniture.

Flexible working means that staff no longer always have fixed desks. A clear desk policy with personal storage areas allows desks to be used in a more flexible way.

The result of making the ultimate office space with great breakout space to relax and unwind, collaborative spaces and flexible areas that can be used for client staff presentations or social functions.

Giving a homely feel will mean everyone is more comfortable, content, more enthusiastic about coming to work. Done right it will improve communication and productivity throughout the office.

More companies are helping staff to live healthier lifestyles. This could mean discounts to gym memberships and sports clubs before and after work but also providing standing desks, fresh fruit, and introducing plants for increased oxygen and bring the outdoors in.

Below: Green wall in a breakout space at the Instagram offices – Dezeen

Embracing the health and well-being trend that is taking over is really the answer to happy staff and therefore a productive workspace. Bring your dog to work day is even being introduced.

Making the work environment more homely is a way that many are heading towards. Companies that have done this really well are Google, with their fairground style seating and slides, quirky hangout spaces and mini-golf courses, Innocent, who have the whole floor space covered in artificial grass, hanging swing seats and extensive indoor greenery, and Airbnb, who have living room style breakout areas and 35% of their space as kitchen areas.

Below: Homely break out space at the Instagram offices – Dezeen

Changes you could make to your office space to achieve the best possible solution for your business are:

Introduce some bright artwork pieces to add colour or some digital print wallpaper to create calm breakout spaces

Get some comfy sofas and soft seating if you haven’t got any.

create quiet spaces with acoustic panels for making phone calls or to if staff need to work on something without distractions.

Put up some digital signage that shows news, weather and you can put staff messages up to celebrate staff birthdays or scheduled social event or clubs.

Get organised and rework your storage to have everything hidden away. Less filing cabinets will feel more homely. Use more simple shelves and cupboards in white

Revamp flooring in breakout areas to make them feel more fun and create a different zone.

Hang some frames that can have inspirational and motivational quotes that can be changed and updated to keep it fresh.

Ask staff for suggestions as to what they would like or think could improve the office and get them involved.

Making improvements to the office will mean happier healthier staff in general, reduced stress levels, it will be a place to have fun as well as being more productive. You will also attract more potential employees and it can help your business grow and grow.

Below: Digital signage done well at the Instagram offices – Dezeen

Header image: Fun selfie breakout space at the Instagram office. Credit: Dezeen