An interview with Fruition director and interior designer Mark Green

Another year on

As we come to the end of another year, we talk with Mark Green, director and experienced interior designer at Fruition.

Mark started his design career in London during the eighties. He worked for major high street brands such as House of Fraser and John Lewis. In 2000 he returned to Devon and launched Fruition. Fruition works with a wide range of leisure and retail companies both locally and nationally and recently began work in the residential sector.

We spoke with Mark to gain his insight and advice for the new year and what to expect in the world of design.

How has the past year been for you?

The past year has been interesting on a number of levels. Plenty of challenges both from a design and business perspective.

Design trends seem to be evolving gradually rather than radically, the main themes for interiors remain informal and eclectic.

I have enjoyed working on projects where we have been able to bring new life to an old building. The Seven Dials Cafe at Cockington Court is a prime example of this. Our work with the University of Exeter is always refreshing. You can’t help but be lifted by working in an environment full of youthful energy and positivity.

How do you build a happy and healthy mindset? And why is this important to you?

I think we can all be adversely affected by the broad feeling of uncertainty in the air at the moment. Being bombarded with bad news can get you down and sap your energy. Seek out the like minded and positive people and stories.

Spend time, work with and for people that you like whenever you can. One of the big benefits of running my own company is having control over who is in the team and who we approach for work. Working as a designer you work with a wide range of people that can do amazing things. Helping each other overcome the inevitable project challenges makes you realise just what can be done when you have a good team around you.

Living in Devon gives me plenty of opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. I spend a lot of time open water swimming, cycling and surfing. These all give me plenty of headspace and the chance to keep healthy. This time of year I often have a swim at Torre Abbey Sands before and after work. This is my idea of luxury and an important part of my healthy and happy life.

What are your trend predictions for design in 2020?

The informal and eclectic aesthetic has evermore subtle iterations and looking for new cultures and places for inspiration. Weathered timber and bare steel has been done to death.

I think design concepts on the whole will remain dominated by a sense of nostalgia and retrospection, but with a focus on European and non American aesthetics. Environmental and climate change issues will become increasingly important and the impact and use of materials will become under even more scrutiny. Meeting these challenges creatively is an exciting prospect and will no doubt lead to innovative use of existing products and the creation of new ones.

Statement interior design schemes have the opportunity to be a challenge or a refuge from the major changes that seem to be affecting us all at this time. Make a difference or bunker down with kindred spirits?

What do you hope to see for interior design in the new year?

I would like to see less waste and increase in sustainable products and materials. The challenge is in doing this in an affordable way. More importantly have fun, take risks and create something that enhances life and makes you feel alive.

With the increasing use of immersive and virtual reality technology it has never been easier to create and experience a design digitally. We have been creating VR versions of our design schemes increasingly frequently for our clients. The reaction is always the same – they go quiet for about 30 seconds while they look around the space and then we can start a constructive discussion about the scheme.

The possibilities are huge in terms of increasing the clients understanding of the design, the ability to share with client customers for market research, the low cost of trying something different and using it to consult with other design professionals and contractors.

What is your advice for anyone thinking about refurbishment in the new year?

Start planning now for any work you intend to start in the new year. It is well worn saying but you can only prioritise any two out of the three project criteria – time, cost and quality. Investing time in the design process will give you greater control over the budget and quality of the finished project. Doing the project quickly reduces the time to find the right supplier to give you the project you want and the products to go with it.


How can we help you?

Contact Mark today to discuss your potential refurbishment for the new year on 01803 295959 or by email.

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