It’s Location, Location, Location for Apple Taxis

We spoke to Apple Taxi’s to see how business has improved since the installation.

It has been a real pleasure to work with Apple Taxis at Exeter international Airport, redesigning their taxi desk in the arrivals hall to maximise business and awareness. We met with management team Steve Screech and Mike Winter, to gauge how they feel business has improved since the installation.

“What we love about the new desk is firstly the position, secondly the digital signage, but perhaps most importantly, we feel it has elevated our business’s status within the airport, cementing our relationship with them and building on future potential. It isn’t just a reception desk, it is somewhere for customers to feel they will get a professional and secure onward journey, with high quality drivers and cars.”

Meeting Steve and Mike, who were previously competitors running Gemini and Capital Taxis respectively, was really quite inspirational. They work so well as a team. Steve manages the business and Mike oversees operations at Exeter Airport. They have come together as Apple Taxis and are working together in the best possible way.

digital signage booking desk interior design graphic design print apple taxis exeter

It is clear from talking to them that they are passionate about customer satisfaction, and being the best taxi providers they can be. From making sure the drivers always have their Apple tie on, to providing good value for money coupled with a professional service. This passion shines through and they work incredibly hard to make sure that Apple Taxis, based in Exeter and East Devon, cover anywhere, anytime.

The airport wanted the desk to have a new look, so Apple contacted Fruition. The old taxi desk was not in the best position, based against a wall, and out of the line of sight for arriving passengers. The most important aspect of design is placement, and it was clear the desk needed to be re-located, before any redesign was completed. Location really is key, not just from a business perspective, but for customers too: making life easier and providing an excellent customer experience is what good service is all about.

So with the necessary permissions in place, Fruition set out to design a taxi reception desk that was welcoming, instantly recognisable and with comfortable, user friendly working conditions for the busy staff. The desk is now diagonally opposite the entrance to the arrivals hall, and the first thing you see. The bright, bold colours draw the eye immediately, as does the triple screen digital signage that has been installed. This is used to promote the airport, and recommended areas to visit, with fare costs clearly displayed. Apple’s aim is to provide an immediate service, so if you need a taxi, you get one. They will take you anywhere, Gatwick, Cornwall, or Exeter Chiefs, depending on your plans.

Fruition have built in room for growth, with 2 staffing desks within the design, and the digital signage designed by them works exceptionally well, with 3 screens, it creates a truly dynamic platform for Apple Taxis to advertise themselves, and promote Exeter and surrounding area.

So not only is Exeter a fantastic location for anyone to use for flights, it is also a fantastic location to the new home of Apple Taxis at the airport.

Now you know, check out the service next time you fly back from your business trip or holiday. You won’t be disappointed!

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