My work experience at Fruition

A piece written by Annabelle who recently undertook a week of work experience with us.

A piece written by Annabelle who recently undertook a week of work experience with us. If you’re interested in taking up work in a design studio, please get in touch using on one of the methods on our contact page.

During my work experience at Fruition, I was fortunate enough to experience and learn first hand, how a design company works and what goes into a project. Having the opportunity to experience how Fruition develops their work and ideas was an amazing aspect; as well as Louise (Associate Interior Designer) taking the time to take me through previous projects and their process of development.

I’m currently studying an online distance degree in Interior Design with Staffordshire University and undertaking work experience was an extremely important part of my degree, as it enabled me to understand how a design studio operates on a day to day basis. It was also beneficial to see first hand how a creative team work. The experience I gained was invaluable.

From a young age I have always been excited, passionate and interested in interior design and watching the transformation process that goes with it, my mum had an antique furniture company where she would renovate furniture; to then watching it grow into a family property development company where I found my love of watching lifeless buildings turn into a new canvas for someone to build their life.

As my interests gravitate towards residential design; Fruition gave me the opportunity to experience the commercial side of designing and give me a different perspective of the industry. The bright, vibrant colour schemes that are used in their designs drew me to their office.

Everyone at Fruition were so helpful and welcoming it was easy for me to be able to watch, and take in, the control, dedication and work ethic. The office also has its perks of having the most amazing view of Torbay; being right on Torquay harbour, which gave inspiration through the seaside colours (yes, I did get lost in the view a few times!)

A few more images from Fruitions website of their recent projects that inspired and made me feel like Fruition was a great design practice to get experience from!

If you’re keen to take up work experience in an interior, print and digital design studio, please get in tough either by email or give us a call: / 01803 295 959