General Terms and Conditions

The Client is the person(s) to whom this document is addressed and/or who accepts any offer contained herein. The Agency is Fruition Creative Services Ltd

Ideas and Concepts

All ideas and concepts supplied to you by Fruition Creative Services remain the property of Fruition Creative Services (unless full payment had been made for the use of). You may not reproduce/show/use or modify any designs, concepts, layout, artwork in anyway without written permission from Fruition Creative Services. Use of any designs, concepts, layout, artwork supplied by Fruition Creative Services will incurred charges made payable to Fruition Creative Services for such usage.


Unless otherwise stated in writing the ownership of designs, inventions, concepts, layout, scripts, artwork and display materials or other material delivered by Fruition Creative Services to the Client does not pass to the Client when the Client has paid all amounts due to Fruition Creative Services in respect of that work, paper, or other materials. The Client shall have the right to use such designs, images and artwork royalty free for the purposes for which they were commissioned once payment has been made, but any unauthorised use shall result in further charges becoming payable by the Client to the Agency. Copyright does not pass to the client on payment of invoice unless otherwise stated in writing from Fruition Creative Services.


Payment types accepted-cash/cheque/bank-transfer. Cheques made payable to Fruition Creative Services. Bank transfer-details upon request. All Monies are due within seven days of date of invoice, unless otherwise agreed. Fruition Creative Services reserve the right to charge interest on late payments in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act.

Estimates and Costing

Unless otherwise stated all estimate and/or costings provided are for design work only. Additional services i.e. illustration, photography, image purchasing, hosting fees, productions costs will be quoted for separately and are not included in any estimates. Fruition Creative Services Ltd reserve the right to change estimates/costings. Where additional fees may be incurred Fruition Creative Services will not proceed with any work until the new fees have been approved. Where the Client wishes Fruition Creative Services to place and pay for orders in advance the client will pay Fruition Creative Services the full amount in advance for such services. A fee of 50% of the projected costs for new work is due in advance for new clients, this is non-refundable. Where a project extends to more than one calendar month Fruition Creative Services reserve the right to ask for staged payments. Fruition Creative Services reserve the right to be paid in full, in advance for any work requested.


Fruition Creative Services shall not be liable for any loss to the Client arising from unavoidable delays in the production or delays in transit not caused by Fruition Creative Services. Fruition Creative Services shall be indemnified by you the Client in respect of any claims, costs and expenses arising out of any extension to the use of any music, copy, photographs, illustrations, film or video material supplied by Fruition Creative Services which contains elements for which only limited use has been agreed by Fruition Creative Services, you the Client and the owners of suppliers of such property. Fruition shall only be liable up to the extent of the fees receive for any work undertaken, Fruition Creative services shall not be liable for loss of trade or any other associated fees or costs.

This is a summary of Fruition Creative Services terms and conditions. All work undertaken by Fruition Creative Services is subject to Fruition Creative Services’s full terms and conditions, a copy of which is available upon request.