Tips on improving your customer’s experience

We sat down with Gary Furneaux, Facilities Manager at Beverley Holidays to understand how they have improved customer experiences.

An Interview with Gary Furneaux of Beverley Park 

What is customer experience?

People and products are the two main factors that influence a customer’s journey and their overall experience. These experiences have a huge impact on your business as these lasting impressions result in how they will remember you. Maintaining and improving these elements will ensure your customers have a happy and memorable experience.

This month we interviewed one of our clients, Gary Furneaux, who is the Food and Beverage Manager at Beverley Park Holidays, an award-winning holiday park in Paignton, for some insight into how they have managed and improved their customers’ experiences by better communicating the Devon lifestyle.

Beverley Park Holidays are one of our valued clients who we have enjoyed working with over the past decade. As a family-run holiday park situated in South West England, its unrivaled sea views of the South Devon coastline make it one of Torbay’s family holiday hotspots.

In your opinion why is customer experience so important to local businesses?

In order to stand out from the competition you have to offer the customer an experience to remember. To do this you have to be the best at what you do. You want your customers to have had a positive experience so that they go away and tell everyone what a great time they had and encourage others to book with us for their next holiday.

What were the main issues affecting your customers’ experience of Beverley Park?

Some of our customer areas were in dire need of a fresh new look. With Torbay being a holiday hotspot you can imagine the amount of local competition. We wanted to exceed the standards that our customers expected.

What changes have you made to Beverley Park to improve the identified issues

We have improved the design of our key revenue areas.

Our reception has had a refurb to improve the customers experience from the moment they arrive on site. Bold colours, bespoke lighting, relevant graphics and comfortable seating communicate the excitement and fun of a holiday with Beverley Park.

The extended reception desk has also improved the flow of the working area by making the check in process smoother.

We have also completed a refurb on our upstairs bar/dining room to encourage customers to stay on site and enjoy good food and drink. By separating out zones with the use of flooring and furniture this one room can now accommodate guests looking for drinks, food or comfortable relaxed seating.

How have these changes improved your customers experience at Beverley Park? and how have you measured this improvement?

Since these changes we have seen an increase in customer spend per head at the park. Many customers have also commented on the fresh new look of the refurbished areas through customer feedback forms.

Finally, what advice would you give to other business owners suffering a decline in their customers experience?

To not stand still and to start investing in your customer areas. If you offer interesting and inspirational surroundings combined with great customer service, customers will continue to return.

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