On-screen identity for the Travel Channel

‘As seen on TV’ the new on-screen branding for the Travel Channel UK created in collaboration with OCP.

We are proud to share news of a recent collaborative project between ourselves and Original Concept Productions for the UK Travel Channel.

The Travel Channel contacted OCP regarding a refresh of their on-screen branding. The new style needed to bring them in line with their new line of ‘experience’ based travel programmes, which includes shows like Ray Mears’ Wild Britain, Building Alaska and Bizarre Foods.

Working within a tight schedule, we assisted OCP with the development and design of storyboards that featured kinetic typography and branded transitions.

We created a number of different styles and solutions from which OCP provided the Travel Channel with 30 bumper stings (quick branded animations), 6 idents (programme ads) and a graphics package for end slates, menus and credit squeezes.

Below we have embedded an OCP produced video which explains the project completed for the Travel Channel in more detail.

Working on a project that included kinetic typography, videos transitions and animations was an exciting and challenging prospect. It’s not something we do every day at Fruition, but we were able to call on the skills of our experienced design team to deliver a memorable and striking on-screen identity.